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Are you worried about ants invading your pantry? How about cockroaches scaling your walls and ceilings while you are trying to watch TV? Do you ever wonder if termites might be eating away at the insides of your walls, destroying your home from the inside out? Maybe you are more concerned about rodents, spiders, AND house flies. Well, here at Witt Pest Management, there are three different TopCare® programs to choose from that fit a wide variety of clients' wants and needs regarding pest control.


TopCare® covers over 40 household pests that are common to western Pennsylvania. After contacting us, we'll send a trained pest professional to complete a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out. This process will identify existing pest problems as well as find conditions that could cause problems in the future, such as wet wood that can be chewed by rodents, to make an entry point. Following this initial inspection, your highly skilled technician will take care of all current pest issues, and place pest monitoring devices where necessary. Take note that we follow strict guidelines and pride ourselves on using the latest and most advanced technologies that impact the environment in the least way possible and all the while we're providing effective, lasting protection against pests. Along with routine pest treatments, our technician will locate and seal any entry points in your home, remove all dead insects, cobwebs, and pest debris, and treat the outside of your home to deter pests from entering.

TopCare® Plus:

TopCare® Plus is the choice for customers looking for all that TopCare® offers, plus monitoring for termite activity with early identification stations placed around the home. Did you know that termites cause nearly 5 billion dollars in damages each year in the United States alone? At that is why it is so important to keep a lookout for these home-destroying pests. With TopCare® Plus, we'll keep an eye out for termites. If and when termites are detected, we'll talk to you about the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This is the #1 proven method of wiping out termite colonies and keeping them out for good!

TopCare® Complete:

Termites can be active all year long which is why we also offer TopCare® Complete. Our TopCare Complete program offers protection from over 40 household pests, as well as continual protection against termites. With the Sentricon® System installed, those termites won't get a single bite out of your home.

Witt Is The Smart Way To Be Pest Free:

At Witt Pest Management, our mission is to deliver pest control that exceeds our clients' needs and expectations, and this is not something we take lightly. If you need protection from any or all, household pests, reach out us today and find out which is the best plan for you. Life is just so much better without pests.

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