termite swarmers on a wall

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As with any responsibility, the responsibility of keeping your home and family protected from outside stressors and frustrations is one that can be difficult to handle alone from time to time. There are many choices you can make as a homeowner to keep your property protected from a variety of different stresses—whether it is related to lawn management, general home repairs, or water damage. However, with spring and summer closing in on us, one of the most important things you can do to protect your property is to get a pest control plan for your home. Pests such as termites are becoming a big problem as we head into the warmer seasons, especially when termite swarmers begin flying around in clouds once again.

What are termite swarmers?

Termite swarmers—often simply referred to as “swarmers”—are winged reproductive members of a termite colony. These winged termites are produced when a termite colony has reached maturity and needs to spread out further than a single colony is able to. Swarmers fly a short distance from their original colony and will only shed their wings once they have found a place to hide, feed on wooden material, and begin creating their new colonies. More often than not, swarmers will stick pretty close to the colony they originated from, which is why many people call the new colonies termite swarmers create “satellite colonies.” Swarmers are most active in the early spring and summer when the warm weather provides them with more energy and higher levels of activity.

I’m seeing termite swarmers, what now?

Unfortunately, noticing signs of termite swarmers on your property can indicate unwanted difficulties for your home. Whether you’re simply seeing termite swarmers gathering in large clouds as they fly around your property, or you’ve spotted discarded termite wings on your window sills—swarmers anywhere near your home may point to a significantly deeper problem. Because swarmers tend to stay close to their original colony, many homeowners experiencing termite swarmers on their property already have an existing termite infestation. It isn’t uncommon for there to be two or more termite colonies living inside of a single structure. However, this often means damage has already begun and is only going to continue getting worse.

Why Professional Termite Control Should Be Your First Choice

Termites are silent-destroyers, which means they often infest homes without being noticed. This has lead to homeowners paying out thousands of dollars each year to repair the damage created by termites. Witt Pest Management has what you need to treat an existing termite infestation, as well as keep them away in the future. Termites are one of the most destructive species of insect pests, which makes professional termite treatment an absolute must. Don’t go without pest protection this year—reach out to the pest control technicians here at Witt Pest Management for your termite control needs!

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