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Unfortunately, some of the pests you face in the summer, you’ll also have to face in the fall. And in the winter. And in the spring. No one wants to deal with seasonal pest problems, which is why dealing with a year-round pest problem is even more frustrating. Carpenter ants are one of the few insects that can survive, and even thrive, throughout the entire year simply because they have adapted to living inside man-made structures in addition to the home nature provides for them outdoors. The warmth radiating through your walls is enough heat to keep ants alive during the coldest months. And, being the busy little workers that they are, they will continue carving away at your home as long as they are still active.
If the fact that carpenter ants are a year-round threat doesn’t scare you, the cost of the damage they cause should. Thousands of dollars can be spent by homeowners as they try to repair the destruction caused by carpenter ants. That’s why it is important to have a preventative treatment plan in place before ants enter your home. By thinking about what you can do to prevent ants from getting in, you greatly reduce the chances that your home will be invaded. Keeping food crumbs off of your floors and counters, sealing gaps in your foundation, reducing the moisture in your home, and removing any firewood or dead brush from the exterior of your home are all preventative measures you can take to make your home less appealing to carpenter ants.
Witt Pest Management offers a wide selection of treatment plans that are designed to fit your individual needs. Whether you have carpenter ants in your home, or you just want the extra confidence in knowing your home is protected, Witt has a solution. Contacting a pest control professional is absolutely essential for making sure your home is safe from the threat of these year-round insects. And while many online sources advertise DIY treatments, none of those treatments have been proven to work and are especially useless if you don’t know which areas carpenter ants are affecting. Witt offers pest control options, including surveillance, exclusion solutions, and baiting techniques. 
Contact Witt Pest Management today and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control options.

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