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When a pest goes in search of a new place to call home, it’s not as picky as one might wish. It certainly cannot tell the difference between a shed, house, warehouse, or school. Unfortunately for humans, mice and other pests don’t base their decisions off of a moral code, and their requirements are pretty minimal. Food, shelter, water and maybe a bit of warmth is all they really need. 

When a child goes to school, their interest and focus should be on learning, not worrying about the school’s condition. Having a clean and pest-free place for students to learn is important, and schools often have to invest in protecting their facilities. With the size of schools alone, taking care of a pest problem is a serious undertaking. Seeking out professional pest control will ultimately save a lot of time and money. 

When keeping schools safe, clean, and free of pests, we understand the importance of being thorough. Starting on the outside and working our way in, our commercial pest control program doesn’t cut any corners. Our knowledgeable professionals understand the habits of pests, putting us one step ahead when trying to find those hard to reach places that pests so often hide. Our commercial pest control program follows a strict guideline of action to ensure your school is pest free. Our four-step process includes:

  • Identify. Identifying the pests for what they are is crucial to treating them. If you are treating a termite infestation with ant traps, you won't get very far. 

  • Implement. Once we understand what kind of pests we are working with we can execute the appropriate removal methods. During the implementation stage, we will use a process that is specific to the individual pest problem and safe for the school.

  • Inform. We offer an online portal where customers have access to a comprehensive written report about the visit. Technicians collect and store the information using advanced technology, making it available with only a couple clicks.

  • Interact. Communication is important to us, and we value customer input throughout our service process. We always make sure to update customers on the progress of the eradication program as well as inform them of any conditions conducive to pests.

As Pittsburgh’s oldest pest company, we keep our business going by protecting yours. We hold ourselves, and our work, to the highest level of quality, which is why we rely on an Integrated Pest Management system called SmartPM, which stands for, Service Methods Achieving Responsible and Thorough Pest Management. Using many more methods than just conventional insecticide application, SmartPM is a cost-effective and comprehensive way to get rid of pests. With insecticides a last resort, SmartPM has your school’s safety in mind. If you think our commercial pest control is for you, call Witt Pest Management for help. We also understand that acting fast is key, so reach out today to ask about our same-day servicing so that we can get started helping you keep your school pest free.

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