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You may be wondering why spiders have become so active in your home this winter when most insects seemed to have vanished the moment fall arrived. After all, insects are a source of food for spiders, so spiders should have gone away or died off now that the weather is colder and the insects have gone away, right? Well, half of that idea is true. Spiders do not necessarily need the warmth of our homes to survive the winter as some other fall and winter pests do. But it is true that they need to capture their insect prey to survive.

Insects are drawn to the warmth of your home when the weather gets cooler, and spiders will always follow right after those insects in order to keep up with their food source. Once inside, they will find a nice area to hide and catch their meals. As long as they can continue feeding on the bugs within your home, they will have nothing pushing them to move back outdoors. As time goes on, these spiders will begin to reproduce, which creates a larger problem than you started with!

How to Keep Spiders Out

The first spider solution many think of is DIY treatment and removal methods. While some DIY methods work to some degree, no DIY treatment will ever be 100% effective, and they may even make the problem worse. Difficulties with DIY methods include:

  • Treatments that don’t work properly.
  • Treatments that end up drawing even more pest problems to your property.
  • Treatments that have the potential to create more stress for you. 

There are some preventative steps that may be necessary to take:

  • Seal cracks in your foundation and exterior walls.
  • Install door sweeps.
  • Replace torn window screens.

These steps don’t always prevent spiders from getting inside, and they certainly won’t get rid of an existing spider problem in your home.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

When you want spiders out of your home, the best way to remove them and keep them out is to get help from a professional pest control expert. The pest control team here at Witt Pest Management has all the tools and experience you need to find freedom from the stress of spiders, insects, and several other pests all year long. No matter the season, our team of highly trained pest professionals want to help. Contact Witt to see how our year-round pest control plans can benefit you and your home!

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