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If pests could bundle up the way humans can, they wouldn't need to invade our homes when the weather turns cold. But, when's the last time you encountered a fly buzzing around wearing a little hat and matching gloves? How about a fuzzy mouse with earmuffs and warm boots? Or a spider in bright red mittens? That would be a sight to see! No. Pests cannot bundle up, so they seek ways to invade our homes to find shelter from the cold. The good news is humans can bundle up--in more ways than one. At Witt, we give you a way to bundle pests all into one year-round package.

Why have pest control in the cold months?

It is true that pests are more abundantly visible in the spring, summer, and fall, but they are still around during the cold months. If you're exterior walls aren't properly protected, they'll be in your attic crawl spaces, wall voids, and basement. Winter is the perfect time to find out what has gotten in and how many there are. It is also the perfect time of year to treat for pests that will become a problem in spring.

Bundle up and keep pests out:

Here at Witt Pest Management, we offer three pest plans that will help you keep your home pest-free this winter, and the rest of the year, for a low monthly fee.


  • Our TOPCARE Plan covers over 40 pests that are common in western Pennsylvania. Rather than charge you for each and every pest you have in your home, we bundle the treatment into one affordable package.

  • It includes comprehensive treatments following a 16-point prevention plan all year long.

  • It focuses on the exterior so scheduling is hassle-free since the customer does not need to be home to receive service.

  • It features prompt in-between visits as needed at no extra charge.

  • There is one low monthly fee of $32 (after initial service).


  • Has all the benefits of TOPCARE.
  • Plus termite monitoring.
  • And the Witt Pest Free Guarantee.
  • All for one low monthly fee of $36 (after initial service). That's right! For only 4 extra dollars we put termites into your bundle, and that is good news if you want to protect your equity.


  • Has all the benefits of TOPCARE PLUS
  • Plus complete termite control, for only $38 a month (after initial service). That is year-round coverage and treatment for only $2 more.

If you are serious about keeping your home pest free, give us a call, because at Witt Pest Management, we're serious about keeping bugs out. Remember, pests can't bundle up, but humans can. Bundle up today and keep those pests out. You'll be glad you did.

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