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September is still bringing some high temperatures and sunny days for us to enjoy, and with summer coming to an end, we want to enjoy the warmth as long as we can. However, these high temperatures also mean the mosquitoes are still plentiful and as fierce as ever. They’ve had plenty of time this summer to breed and multiply, so we aren’t out of the clear yet!
Mosquitoes buzzing about and biting you is enough to make people move indoors pretty quickly. Bites come from female mosquitoes as they pierce your skin with their sucking mouthparts to feast on your blood. This action not only causes those itchy, annoying bumps but can also transmit diseases. The Zika virus, West Nile virus, Malaria, and other diseases have all been spread to humans through mosquito bites. The CDC has reported that diseases transmitted by bug bites have tripled from 2004 to 2016! The diseases are increasing in number and spreading into new areas. For more information on the study done, check out this article.
So what can you do? It’s important to protect yourself and your family from these harmful pests. Continue wearing your mosquito repellent to help protect your skin from their bites. In addition, keep your skin covered as much as possible and try to wear light-colored clothes. Darker colors can attract mosquitoes. There are some do-it-yourself techniques you can perform to help control mosquito populations on your property. Eliminating water sources is a huge one. Mosquitoes need water to breed, and these water sources don’t need to be very big. The amount of water you can cup in your hand could provide enough water to be used by mosquitoes to breed. This is one of the reason it’s so difficult to control them. Multiple places around your property could harbor this amount of water without you even being aware.
Check your gutters, children’s toys, and the wheelbarrow after it rains! Some other DIY efforts include installing screens and repairing damaged ones, regularly mowing the lawn, and keeping the bushes trimmed. Maintaining the grass and shrubs eliminates the spaces mosquitoes enjoy hiding and relaxing in.
Attempting to control mosquito populations on your own requires time, effort, and patience—and most likely some failed attempts. To save you frustration, contact your local pest control experts. At Witt Pest Management, our trained pest professionals know the best ways to control the mosquito population in your yard. We’ll take the problem into our hands, so you no longer have to worry. Our Mosquito and Tick Defense will greatly reduce and prevent both mosquitoes and ticks on your property. You can either choose our one-time treatment service or our ongoing services. It’s time to enjoy your outdoor time without being chased back inside! Contact Witt Pest Management today to find out more.

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