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A pest infestation in your home is an awful thing to experience. What’s worse? Pests infesting your place of business.

For the health and wellbeing of employees and customers alike, pests simply cannot exist in commercial facilities. Invasive critters like mice and cockroaches are likely to contaminate equipment, surfaces, and even products with the pathogens they carry. And while many unforeseen problems can negatively affect your business, a severe pest infestation could shut down your company for good.

If you're suffering from insects, rodents, or other pests, you need professional pest control for your Pittsburgh business.

Pests That Plague Pittsburgh Businesses

In the Pittsburgh area, we have a few common pests that plague our local businesses.

Cockroaches are a constant threat to restaurants and foodservice businesses. Kitchens are a reliable source of food and water, and if not properly maintained, these areas can become a breeding ground for roaches.

Mice and rats are a constant problem for manufacturing businesses, often gnawing through boxes and crates in warehouse areas. Even fruit flies can be a scourge for offices as they contaminate food and annoy employees.

Risks Of A Pest Infestation

The risk of having a pest infestation in your business is huge.

  • First, a pest-related incident could incur fines or other legal repercussions from state and local authorities in charge of monitoring workplace health and safety.

  • A pest infestation can impact the health of your employees. A cockroach infestation, for example, could lead to workers developing asthma as a result of an allergic reaction to the roaches.

  • Finally, a pest infestation in your business affects your reputation. No business owner wants to be known as the owner of the store that had to be shut down because it was overrun with mice.

Professional Pest Control For Your Pittsburgh Business

Witt Pest Management has the holistic solutions you need to solve the pest problems burdening your business. Using our SmartPM® Integrated Pest Management program, our expert technicians can handle a wide variety of pests and keep them from returning ever again.

Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect and evaluate your facility, identifying not just symptoms of the problem, but locating the sources. Next, our trained experts will diagnose the problem and decide the right measures that need to be taken.

Our solutions are environmentally friendly. SmartPM® is GreenPro certified, meaning that our pest control solutions have the least impact possible on the environment, people, and animals. Our integrated approach involves not just pest control products, but also implementing structural modifications and improved sanitation in your facility to prevent problem pests from returning.

Witt Pest Management Services

You can trust our ViroGard™ technology to thoroughly disinfect your commercial space from pest-related contamination. Our eco-friendly disinfectant kills bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2/Coronavirus) on contact and keeps surfaces protected up to 30 days after treatment.

Is your business suffering from flies? Small flies are not just annoying, they’re a contamination hazard. The experts at Witt will design a custom solution to your problem, free of pesticides and harmful chemicals to ensure the health of your employees and the end of your flies.

If you’re in the food manufacturing or restaurant industry, you’ll want to try our Watch-Gard® food safety and protection service. Our sanitation specialists will evaluate your facility and help to optimize your business for general cleanliness and best sanitation practices. The Watch-Gard® program offers training for employees and thorough deep cleaning services to eliminate the risk of contamination.

If pest control is a concern for your Pittsburgh business, don’t hesitate to get the professional support you deserve.

Solve your commercial pest problem once and for all and get in touch with Witt Pest Management today.

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