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What exactly is everyone talking about these days? Could it be, the price of oil, the latest celebrity buzz or what the first lady is wearing? No, none of these quite compare to bed bugs and Bed Bug Awareness Week. I mean, seriously, with a week-long event like this how can we not want to fire up the barbecues and dig out the fireworks?

Maybe Bed Bug Awareness Week isn’t as prevalent in our worlds as the fourth of July, or Christmas but it is still important. The Professional Pest Management Alliance has announced that June 7th – 13th will be Bed Bug Awareness Week. Educating the general public about bed bug prevention and detection is the goal of this week. There is so much information available to everyone regarding bed bugs, but not all of it is accurate or current. Some information truly is here say and wives tales, while some of it has a shred of truth and a bit may be the actual truth. Consumers, business owners, and homeowners should all know the truth about bed bugs.

This year, June 7th – 13th was aptly chosen because it coincides with the start of the summer travel season. For years many misconceptions have surrounded bed bugs. Contrary to popular opinion, bed bugs can be anywhere that people rest or live and yes, that includes fancy hotels and spas, as well as health care establishments.

Bed bugs may not be picky about where they sleep and live, but we should be. Learn all about the signs of a possible bed bug presence and how to prevent your home from being targeted by them with our help and few other resources. Visit our bed bug identification page to learn more about this biting pest, it's habits and the threat it poses. You may also want to stop by our bed bug control page to learn more about our successful program that consists of detection, treatment, and content management system.

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