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It’s fall here in our lovely state, and with the rapid approach of winter, we can expect the cold, the snow, and the howling windy nights. As Pittsburgh residents, we’re no strangers to the brisk chill that fall has bestowed upon us—but we still take all the necessary precautions to keep ourselves warm as the weather becomes cooler. Not surprisingly, many wildlife pests are also on the lookout for warm places to stay for the winter. One of those wildlife pests happens to be mice. The warm climate and easily accessible food sources that your home provides make your property a no-brainer for mice trying to avoid the winter chill this year.

Why DIY Tricks Don’t Work

Ok, so you found out you have an infestation of mice. Surely the next step is to do a quick online search for the best DIY methods of mouse treatment, right? Wrong. While there are several tips and tricks online that promise a mouse-free home in less than five minutes, many of them can be downright lies or myths at best.

One common online tip is to repel mice with the scent of peppermint. It may be true that mice do not prefer the smell of peppermint, but it has never been proven to drive them away from homes they are currently living in. In addition, like heat, smells rise over time, and because mice spend much of their time behind walls and low to the ground, this technique becomes useless even if it worked initially.

Mouse traps are among the many other DIY tricks that don’t seem to be all that effective. There are many factors that go into why mouse traps do or don’t work. The mousetrap you buy must be placed somewhere you know mice travel frequently, you need to have proper bait, and mice will learn to avoid mouse traps over time, which makes trapping mice on your own ineffective in the long run.

DIY tricks don’t always work, but professional pest control does. That’s why calling an expert should always be your first plan of action. The pest control experts at Witt Pest Management understand that each pest problem you face has its own unique solution. That’s why we offer a safe and effective pest control protocol based on each individual home. If mice are taking over your home, or you have another immediate pest problem on your hands, contact Witt Pest Management today to schedule our same-day services!

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