a house spider crawling across a vanity in a pittsburgh pennsylvania bathroom

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There are plenty of reasons to look forward to winter in Pennsylvania. One of the biggest is the fact that bugs are no longer buzzing and crawling around all over the place. Once the chill sets in, many bugs die off or go into hiding. So why are there still pesky spiders inside your home?

Spiders Can Survive Cold Months

Arachnids can survive the winter, thanks to a type of antifreeze in their bodies and their carnivorous diets. As bugs head indoors to escape the cold, spiders follow their food supply. Other than being a nuisance, some spiders are poisonous. It is important to know where you might find certain varieties. Most common spiders aren’t poisonous to humans but some can pose serious health risks.

Common House-Invading Spiders

This is a list of the most common spiders one might find around Pittsburgh homes or businesses in cold months:
Common House Spiders: These small, brown arachnids have minor bites and aren’t poisonous, though they spin many webs per week. Those wisps of spider thread occupying the corners of your walls and floors are probably the handiwork of these common spiders.
Broad-faced Sac Spiders: These brown and gray spiders are distinguishable by their glossy legs and hairy abdomens. They get their name from the large sack-shaped webs they spin and lay eggs in. While they aren’t very poisonous to humans, their bites hurt and can easily get infected.
Bold Jumping Spiders: So-called for their dramatic leaping attacks, these spiders are black with white spots on their backs. This spider takes advantage of strong eyesight, meaning it’s typically found in dark places like basements and crawl spaces. They are shy and rarely bite humans, but they are expeditious and travel far and wide for food.
Wolf Spiders: Big, hairy, with brown or gray coloring, these arachnids are most active at night, hence being named after the nocturnal canines. While their venom is typically non-lethal to humans, they are known to bite if approached or handled and the punctures are more serious than common spider varieties. 
Cross Orb Weavers: These arachnids are named after the unique shape of their webs and nests. They are attracted to areas with lighting and are often found near porch lights and lamp posts. They are well-known to bite humans and can produce painful punctures.

The Dangers Of Spiders In The Home

Identifying the type of spider is the first step toward addressing the problem and knowing how dangerous they might be. A good rule of thumb is: if an animal has bright-colored spots or patterns, it often indicates that it’s poisonous. While spiders don’t normally carry enough potent poison to kill humans (since we are hundreds of times their size) their bites can still be serious and result in hospital trips.

How To Prevent Spiders Getting In

The best way to avoid spiders in the home is to take measures that keep them out in the first place:

  • Seal up cracks in the walls, floors, and foundation of your home. 
  • Install door sweeps that block their entry and push them outside when they try to sneak in.
  • Quickly repair or replace faulty or damaged window screens, as these are popular areas for spiders to get into the home.

Professional Help Is The Key

If the creepy, crawlers are already inside, the best course of action is to call a professional pest control company. Let the experts at Witt Pest Management deal with the threat for you rather than put yourself or your family at prolonged risk. For prompt, professional assistance, reach out to Witt today.

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