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The time has come to admit it to ourselves, summer is over and winter is coming. As the cold weather takes over it's time to shift focus from making every moment of summer count to prepping for the cold months to come. This means winterizing our homes, which often involves preparing for a whole new set of pests. We may not see another mosquito until April, but with nights getting chilly the mice and other critters are already looking for a warm place to spend the winter. A good first step to having a pest-free winter is knowing what we will face in the coming season.

As previously stated, the mice are looking to nest. Mice thrive in the wild, but who wouldn't look for a warm place in the winter, especially if there is food handy and plenty of space to settle down and raise a family? If they can find entry into a well-insulated building, the winter can be a season of peace and procreation, free from the dangers of the wild. For us this means a host of potential problems, from chewed wiring, to damaged insulation, to a shocking amount of highly unpleasant "presents," and even the potential for exposure to disease. Rats pose a similar threat but are slower to breed. This is little consolation when you see one scurrying along your baseboard.

Another common winter pest is spiders. Spiders are hunters and trappers, and though they can often look scary, it's very unlikely in the Pittsburgh area that you'll run into anything beyond the harmless house spider. Spiders usually compete for territory and will try to find out of the way corners to call home. Regardless, it's unlikely we want to have them around when we're trying to get cozy on a winter's eve. The webs that spiders leave are certainly annoying to come across, and of true concern is the potential that spiders may be infesting your house because they have located suitable prey there. If you notice that spiders have taken up residence in your house, it may be wise to look for other potential invaders.

These and other pests can be a real hassle in the winter when property maintenance is unpleasant, if not impossible with frozen ground and drifts of snow and ice hiding routes of entry. Winter may also be the perfect time to eliminate pests, as they have nowhere to go to escape from a dedicated effort at eradication. Witt Pest Management knows just what to do when it comes to making your house a pest-free space that you can enjoy in the winter. Our staff of professionals are exceptional at identifying potential problems and have what it takes to fix them, and our Top Care plans ensure regular attention and dedicated service to your needs, no matter the season. The outlook for winter pests may seem grim, but Witt Pest Management is here to help bring the peaceful warmth of pest-free living to your home this season.

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