Termites In Pittsburgh

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In the wide world of wood-destroying organisms, three pests rise to the top, when it comes to protecting personal property. These three pests are responsible for billions of dollars in U.S. property damage each year, and are capable of making a grown man cry. If you'd like one less reason to cry, you're in luck. Here is a quick rundown of these three wood chewers and what you need to know to protect your property.

#3 Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees may not top on the list, but they are no less troublesome to deal with. The queen carpenter bee can bore a tunnel three feet into the wood of your home and she, or another queen, will return the next year and make those tunnels deeper. If left untreated, those tunnels will eventually weaken wood supports and create stress on the entire structure.

Carpenter bee tunnels must be treated and plugged to prevent continued damage. This should be done by a professional to prevent additional damage that can be caused when a queen is trapped deep inside a tunnel.

Carpenter bees are attracted to unfinished wood. Varnish or paint wood surfaces to resist this pest. Seal holes and gaps to prevent them from getting inside your wall voids.

#2 Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are attracted to homes that have rotting wood or wood softened by water damage. This insect doesn't eat wood, but it will chew out galleries in wood to nest near its food source.

Fixing rotted damage is the first step to excluding this pest. It is also important to get rid of any food sources inside your home. Keep things clean and put accessible foods in sealed plastic containers. If you don't have any food for carpenter ants to eat, they may choose another home to live in.

#1 Termites

Undeniably the scariest pest that will ever infest your home, these little wood eaters are a menace. They are capable of devouring the wood of your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can infest from the ground outside of your home or create a satellite colony in your wall voids or attic spaces.

Termites do not come to eat the food in your home. Your home IS their food. So keeping things clean or hiding food in sealed plastic containers will do nothing to exclude this pest. You're going to want to look for standing water or water soaked wood. Make sure your gutters are clear and that water flows away from your home. Make sure that you have no standing water next to your foundation. And, consider replacing exterior white lights with yellow lights. Yellow lights will be less attractive to termites and keep them from swarming near your walls.

In the war against wood-destroying insects, it is also good to have regular visits from a pest control company. The best defense with these pests is a good offense. Stop the wood destroyers before they destroy your home. Learn more about Witt's termite control in Pittsburgh.

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