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As sure as a long bitter winter brings discouragement your way, the approach of spring brings a spirit of cheer. Thoughts of spring cleaning and landscaping are flashing through your mind as you wait for those warm sunny days. However, another very noticeable and common occurrence with the approach of spring is a presence of wood destroying pests. The warming of the sun seems to activate termites and carpenter ants.


Either of these wood-destroying pests is more than capable of ruining your cheerful spirit and the need for spring pest control becomes evident. Carpenter ants and termite control makes for a busy spring each year for Pittsburgh exterminators and Pittsburgh pest control companies. Witt Pest Management is Pittsburgh’s oldest and most advanced pest management company and is very experienced in the identification of termites vs carpenter ants.


When looking at the characteristics of the two, there are noticeable physical differences. The termite, for example, has no waist while the carpenter ant has a clearly defined narrow waist. The termite boasts of straight, beaded antennae while the carpenter ant has antennae that are elbow shaped, or bent 90 degrees. The wings are another identifier to determine which pest has infested your home. The termite has wings that are of equal size and shape and extend longer than the body. The wings of a carpenter ant are of different size with the hind wings shorter than the front wings.


There is another major difference between the two wood-destroying pests; termites eat the wood and the carpenter ants merely dig into the wood in an excavating manner to build nests inside the wood. By not eating the wood, carpenter ants push the chewed up pieces of wood out through openings or cracks, creating small piles of saw dust or wood shavings. Usually, the presence of carpenter ants is noticed not too long after their arrival.


Signs of the presence of termites are not seen nearly as quickly as that of the carpenter ant. The termite’s destructive work begins deep inside the wood while gradually working to the outside. They not only eat the wood, they fill their tunnels with dirt and mud as they go in and out. The potential damage of these pests will require the services of professionally trained pest control technicians.


Contact Witt Pest Management at the very first sign of carpenter ants or termites. We take pride in our personalized service and genuine customer care. All our service technicians are licensed by the PA Department of Agriculture and receive ongoing training to meet and comply with the highest industry standards while providing you the most proactive pest management approach available.

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