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mosquito biting human skin

Part of what makes mosquitoes such a problem for property owners is they can be found nearly anywhere on a property. They will rest in tall grass and weeds near your home. In addition, they breed in standing water, which can happen even in your gutter system. They will also hang around septic…

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a baldfaced hornet outside

The largest of the eusocial wasps (hornets) aren’t fun for anyone in the Pittsburgh area. With their famous stingers and with some hornet species reaching sizes up to 5.5 cm in length, it’s no surprise they can be intimidating. Hornets can be identified by their segmented…

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a norway rat in a home

The weather is getting cooler and daylight hours are shrinking. Soon, instead of pool parties and grilling, we’ll be wearing hoodies and sitting by the fire. While the fall season is a welcome respite from scorching temperatures, it also can cause problems for unprepared Pittsburgh property…

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a stink bug in a home

Stink bugs are oval-shaped insects. In fact, they closely resemble a shield since they are nearly as wide as they are long, which is roughly 2cm. In addition to their shape and brown color, this pest is known for the odor it emits when disturbed or crushed as its name implies. While there are other…

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a bed bug crawling on human skin

When it comes to pests that property owners in Pittsburgh dread, it’s not surprising that bed bugs are at the top of the list. Part of this feeling lies in their small, flat, and round shape that makes them difficult to detect. Combine that with how much they love to hide and dine on your…

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