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carpet beetle on a white carpet

If you are noticing odd tears or holes in your upholstery or carpet, you may have a problem with carpet beetles. While carpet beetles aren’t a pest that we commonly recognize or worry about, they can get into our homes and cause a lot of damage.

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rodent in pittsburgh home

If you are like a lot of people and you just saw a rodent in your home, you’ve likely just gotten down off the chair you were standing on and hit the computer to search for what to do to get rid of rodents. You are on the right track knowing that this is a problem that you need to do something…

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house fly up close in home

Some fly problems can be resolved quickly. All it takes is a quick swat or two and the problem is gone. Most homes have a fly swatter for this purpose. The accidental invasion of an individual fly here or there is very common, and we all know the solution. Swat! No more fly.

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bed bug

If you think you have bed bugs, don’t panic. Many small beetles and other bugs can be mistaken for bed bugs. Don’t burn the house down, either! Bed bugs can be eradicated successfully with help from an expert.

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indian meal moth in pittburgh pantry

Winter brings out a variety of pests that we often don’t think about or pay much attention to. Our joyous holiday season can be ruined by these unassuming pests. We’re not talking about mice or spiders. We are referring to common pantry pests, which can include a variety of beetles and…

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