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a large colony of pavement ants clustered into a line formation as they infest a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

Summer means lots of ants in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. It’s up to you to take steps to prevent them from becoming a nuisance in your home. There are many effective do-it-yourself tricks you can use to deter ants as much as possible. If you’ve tried everything or are just…

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odorous house ant on plant

When dealing with ants, many people are under the impression that there are no real differences from one species to another, but the truth of the matter is that there are many different ant species that all present different threats to homeowners. Knowing how to identify which species of ant is…

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carpenter ant found near pittsburgh home

Do you have an ant problem? This is the time of year when most people do. The warm temperatures of summer get these insects moving, and when they move, it can bring them into your home.

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We recently got this inquiry about ants. It said, "I've been battling with tiny ants that have shown up at times in 7-8 different areas. I beat them back in one area and after a time they show up in another. As of now they are still appearing in two areas. I think I need a professional." Ants can be…

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Home With Fence

Are ants plaguing you in your Pittsburgh home? There are a few species of ants that live off the generosity of Pennsylvanian homeowners, and they can be quite insistent on making themselves at home. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to discourage them.

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