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Image of a Beach

What are you doing for spring break? Does it involve standing on a beach with five thousand other people in the latest swimming attire? Then, be sure to bring plenty of sunblock. Nothing can ruin your spring break experience like a nasty sunburn. You know what else can ruin your vacation getaway?…

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Bed Bug Image

Bed bugs have been around since the dawn of time. Scientists believe they were once cave dwellers, feeding on the blood of bats, but learned to thrive on the ever-growing population of humans on the earth. Here are some fun facts about a not-so-fun insect.

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person with bites from bed bugs

Waking up with some itchy red bumps on your skin? Not sure what they are from? Don’t just dismiss it as a rash, especially if you have seen any evidence of bugs in your home. Bed bugs and carpet beetles can leave you with similar looking itchy, red bumps. Just because it happens in your bed or…

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