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bed bug crawling on skin

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite,” was a funny thing my parents used to say. I had no idea that these were a real thing for the longest time. In truth, bed bugs are very real; and for a multitude of reasons, they are spreading like…

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Holiday Bed Bug

In the tradition of the holiday season there is a lot of talk about the naughty and nice list. And while we hope that everyone has been nice this year, the jury is out on one of the most talked about pests in recent years, bed bugs. While they used to be part of an old nighttime saying, bed bugs now…

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bed bug skins and droppings

By now your kids have just begun the year and if it is their first semester back at college you are probably looking for any excuse to check in. Well, we’ve come up with a new reason at Witt Pest Management and this is no joke. Bed bugs remain a huge threat to college campuses in Pittsburgh…

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differences between bed bug and carpet beetles

Waking up in the morning to itchy, red welts is never a good thing. And from the old saying many of us jump to the conclusion of bed bug bites. But before you tear apart your mattress and your room to inspect for the signs of bed bugs you may be interested to know that the allergic reactions from…

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