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an alert beagle trained and suited for a k 9 bed bug inspection in a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

If you travel often, you've probably seen a canine TSA agent at the airport. These dogs are trained to detect explosives or ingredients that could be used to make a bomb. If you travel often, you’ve probably also heard of bed bugs, and may even have had experience with them already. But did…

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students in classroom

As bed bug infestations increase across the United States, it is becoming vital for every parent to understand this threat, and take the time to learn practical ways to prevent these blood-eating insects from establishing themselves. The frontline of defense for every home is a child who knows what…

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bed bug crawling on bed in pittsburgh

This is a good question. When temperatures drop, many of the bugs that bite or sting us--like mosquitoes--go into a sort of hibernation mode. So, it makes sense to ask whether or not bed bugs do the same. But the way bugs hibernate isn't the same as the way many animals hibernate. Bugs go into a…

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bed bug crawling in pittsburgh home

Well, it is that time again. School is about to start up, and there is a lot to do. It's time to go out and get items such as pencils, pens, rulers, paper, electronic devices, etc., and a book bag to store all those items in. It is a time to take care of car pooling scheduling with other parents. It…

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