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bed bug on skin

Bed bugs are problematic inside of homes and businesses all year long; however, summer is often referred to as “bed bug season” because bed bugs thrive during the summer months due to increased travel and tourism.

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bed bug crawling on bed in pittsburgh

This is a good question. When temperatures drop, many of the bugs that bite or sting us--like mosquitoes--go into a sort of hibernation mode. So, it makes sense to ask whether or not bed bugs do the same. But the way bugs hibernate isn't the same as the way many animals hibernate. Bugs go into a…

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bed bug crawling on bed

Bed bugs are becoming more and more commonplace throughout both the United States and the world. People are taking vacations and traveling more, increasing the rate at which infestations are occurring. And, now that more and more information is being spread via newspaper articles, television news…

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