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Bed Bug

Finding bed bugs in your home can be a nightmare. Not just because these blood eaters feed on you and your family while you sleep, but they also come with a horrible reputation. 

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person with bites from bed bugs

Waking up with some itchy red bumps on your skin? Not sure what they are from? Don’t just dismiss it as a rash, especially if you have seen any evidence of bugs in your home. Bed bugs and carpet beetles can leave you with similar looking itchy, red bumps. Just because it happens in your bed or…

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seasonality of bed bugs pittsburgh

Many bugs that we deal with in our area we could consider seasonal pests. For example, ants tend to visit us mostly in the spring and summer months, when the temperatures outdoors begin to rise. In the fall when the first frost comes, most ant problems inside our homes tend to disappear.

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a varied carpet beetle

If you’ve been itching and seeing little red bumps on your skin recently, maybe you’ve gone online and done some research. Typing in the search term “little red bumps” brings up a multitude of medical websites, usually trying to help you diagnose a skin condition. But what if…

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