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cutting thanksgiving turkey

Many of you have already purchased your turkey and know exactly how many people will be attending your feast. Many of you will be the ones traveling home for the holidays. While you do not have the stress of planning the menu, shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you do have your own set of challenges…

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bed bug and carpet beetle

There is nothing worse than getting bed bugs in your home except, maybe, hearing the Spanish word for Piranha in a shrilled voice while you're swimming across a lake in Paraguay. As household pests go, most people would consider bed bugs the worst and that is why it is so important to be able to…

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bed bug on a bed

We get eaten by bugs all the time. Mosquitoes, horseflies, deer flies, gnats, black flies, fire ants, ticks, fleas, spiders and more. There seems to be no end to the bugs that want to bite us. But, for some reason, there is something especially disturbing about bed bugs. Why is this? Well, we might…

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Pittsburg bed bug dog

Let's be honest. How rude are bed bugs? We're talking about a bug that dines on you while you sleep. At least a wild dog has the common courtesy to let you know you're going to be eaten. Not bed bugs. They wait inside your bed until you're happily dreaming about cotton candy clouds and rides on…

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There is so much information available to everyone regarding bed bugs, but not all of it is accurate or current. Some information truly is here say and wives tales, while some of it has a shred of truth and a bit may be the actual truth. Consumers, business owners, and homeowners should all know the…

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