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bed bug crawling on skin

This is the time of year when people love to get out. They travel to the beaches and the resorts. They go to campgrounds and parks. They see relatives, friends, and have no problem traveling through several states to do it. Do you have any of these on your radar? If you're planning to take a trip…

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seasonality of bed bugs pittsburgh

Many bugs that we deal with in our area we could consider seasonal pests. For example, ants tend to visit us mostly in the spring and summer months, when the temperatures outdoors begin to rise. In the fall when the first frost comes, most ant problems inside our homes tend to disappear.

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People at the movies enjoying a film

There sure are a lot of summer blockbuster movies out this year (Man of Steel, World War Z and Monsters University to name a few) and if you’re like most of us, you’d probably like to catch one or two, if you get the chance. Catching a summer flick is a good way to…

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Bed Bugs In Library Books

Ok so we know that bed bugs and hotels pretty much go hand in hand but now bed bugs are making headlines by infesting libraries across the country.  This may have left you wondering, where will they strike next? Well, at Witt Pest Management we are here to remind our Pittsburgh community that…

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Watch Out For Bed Bugs While Traveling

Although you may not see warning signs for bed bugs out on the roads this year, it does not mean that they are not a major travel threat. As individuals and families in Pittsburgh, and across the country set out to visit family near and far for the holidays, the amount of traveling will greatly…

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