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carpenter ant on dirt in pittsburgh pa

In nature, carpenter ants nest in the logs and stumps of decaying trees. Their job is to help decompose those trees as part of the cycle of life. It's no surprise then that they are attracted to other forms of wet and rotting wood, such as wood on your deck that's damp from a damaged gutter.

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carpenter ant walking along piece of wood

We recently got a message that said, "While working on a windowsill with some wet rotting wood today, we found a tunnel running through the sill lined with dead carpenter ants and egg cases. We found roughly 20 ants and 20 cases. We probably need to replace the sill in any case, but should we have…

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Hand Pointing

You've probably read a ton of articles about how to treat ants, but I'd like to address a more important questions: "How are ants treating you?" Let's face it, as house guests, ants are the worst, especially carpenter ants. They are so disrespectful. It's shameful really. And it is a problem that…

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carpenter ant on a deck in pittsburgh

With the arrival of warm weather also comes the arrival of insects and other pests, one pest that can be particularly dangerous to have crawling near or throughout your Pittsburgh home is the carpenter ant.

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