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carpenter ants in pa

Unfortunately, some of the pests you face in the summer, you’ll also have to face in the fall. And in the winter. And in the spring. No one wants to deal with seasonal pest problems, which is why dealing with a year-round pest problem is even more frustrating. Carpenter ants are one of the few…

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carpenter ant

It's one little ant, what's the big deal? You're not afraid of an ant. Why should you be? You're like a thousand times larger than an ant--even a carpenter ant, which is the largest ant you'll find crawling around in your home. Ants are small. And ants that you find in your home don't even bite. So…

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carpenter ant walking along piece of wood

We recently got a message that said, "While working on a windowsill with some wet rotting wood today, we found a tunnel running through the sill lined with dead carpenter ants and egg cases. We found roughly 20 ants and 20 cases. We probably need to replace the sill in any case, but should we have…

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Carpenter Ant

We all know that carpenter ants can damage a home. We know that if left untreated they will cause the porch to sag, the deck to dip, the house to warp and eventually force the government to put up a sign that says, "Condemned." But there are two things you may not know about these destructive pests…

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Hand Pointing

You've probably read a ton of articles about how to treat ants, but I'd like to address a more important questions: "How are ants treating you?" Let's face it, as house guests, ants are the worst, especially carpenter ants. They are so disrespectful. It's shameful really. And it is a problem that…

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