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carpenter ant control in pittsburgh

As sure as a long bitter winter brings discouragement your way, the approach of spring brings a spirit of cheer. Thoughts of spring cleaning and landscaping are flashing through your mind as you wait for those warm sunny days. However, another very noticeable and common occurrence with the approach…

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Do you cling to your A/C and count the days until winter and the cold weather arrive? Or are you the type who loves the summer sun and all the activities that go along with the warm weather season? Regardless of your preference, summer has arrived and along with it the heat, humidity and bugs. Yes,…

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carpenter ants or termites in your pa home

If you would like to learn more about the different wood destroying pests in Pittsburgh including carpenter ants and termites, please contact our pest control professionals at Witt Pest Management today. We offer services to get rid of carpenter ants and prevent termites from damaging your home and…

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Carpenter Ant In Pittsburgh Home

When it comes to wood destroying pests, both carpenter ants and termites come to mind. Both of these pests share a love for one thing...the wood structures in our home. With spring finally here and the weather finally getting warm again, both carpenter ants and termites will become more active in…

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