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carpet beetle on white surface

Carpet beetles can seem like a mystery. If they've gotten into your home, you might have some confusion. Hopefully, we'll clear up some of that confusion today. Here are 5 things every Pittsburgh property owner should know about carpet beetles.

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carpet beetle up close

Carpet beetles are tiny home invaders that live on plants and fibrous materials. Outside, they feed on pollen and nectar. Once they've found their way into a home, however, these beetles will also eat hair, wool, fur, clothes, and any other fibrous material they can get their mouths on.

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carpet beetle larvae up close

It is not uncommon to be minding your own business lounging on the couch when you look over at your rug and notice something crawling there. Upon inspection, you have no idea what kind of insect it is, but it’s just a little round bug so you either leave it be or dispose of it and move on with…

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