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house centipede in pittsburgh home

It is hard to believe that fall is here, especially for those of us who live here in the east. Daytime temperatures have been running from five to ten degrees higher than normal these past few weeks, and we have had some warm, humid days that would rival the best that summer had to offer…

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house centipede

This is the time of year when house centipedes are the most problematic for Pittsburgh homeowners. So we're going to take some time today to address the conditions that attract these pests, and what steps you can take to keep them out of your home.

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centipede crawling on basement floor

Having a centipede in the house is no big deal, right? It isn't like they're dangerous or anything. Well, in order to understand why it is a bad idea to have centipedes in your home, let's play a game called: ‘Have You Ever?’

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centipede in pittsburgh residence

If you love gardening, or grow plants and flowers, you are familiar with centipedes. These long, thin bugs, sporting 15 to 177 pairs of legs, enjoy moist soil, and hanging out in flowerbeds and gardens. These bugs are common for many homeowners, and the problem is even worse when the water table…

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Prevent Fall Pests In Pittsburgh

Fall pests are still here! Pests like spiders, stink bugs and centipedes are causing problems for Pittsburgh residents and we’ve been getting calls for them all! Luckily, these pests are mainly nuisances that just annoy homeowners more than anything else, but having them inside your home is…

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