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an american cockroach on a dirty plate

The Steel City is a symbol of American industrialism and hardiness, so it should be no surprise that even the pests around here are just a little tougher than they are elsewhere. American cockroaches are common and difficult to defend against, so it pays to know how you can prevent infestations and…

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a german cockorach crawling on a kitchen counter

Pests are understandably dreaded and hated by most people; at best, insects and other pests are hideous, and at worst, they're destructive and full of germs. Insects and critters can wreck buildings or personal belongings, like fabrics and paper, and many can trigger illnesses in humans. Pittsburgh…

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an oriental cockroach crawling on a rock

Just like the other species of cockroaches found in Pittsburgh, Oriental cockroaches can put you and others around you at risk because they are particularly disease-ridden. Cockroaches live near places that provide humid environments next to food sources such as garbage and sewers, and they then…

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cockroach infestation in a home

Responsible property owners know that pests are a nuisance, but how dangerous can an infestation be? Pests like cockroaches pose greater risks than other insects, so knowing how to spot the signs early will help you stay protected from the worst effects of a cockroach invasion.

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cockroach on cement

One of the most unique creatures on the plant is the cockroach. While there are many fascinating things we could tell you about cockroaches, we've boiled them down to 6 peculiar things you probably don't know about cockroaches, and why it is important that you know them.

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