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a german cockroach infesting a pittsburgh pennsylvania restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you have a keen understanding of the importance of maintaining sanitary practices. Not only will a clean environment pass inspection, but it will also improve your restaurant’s reputation and possibly increase business. That’s why German cockroaches can be a big…

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cockroach in pittsburgh

Fall is here, and with it we all breath a collective sigh as we say goodbye to many annoying summer pests. Unfortunately, one of the most pesky and harmful pests known to plague homeowners is as active as ever and they are not going anywhere.

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cockroach in kitchen

Many of us don’t give a ton of thought to things we are unable to see, however that doesn’t mean that those things are not going to become problematic. Cockroaches are one of those things, and if you do happen to see them, it's likely too late, and an infestation has already begun…

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