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restaurant set up for christmas

Christmas is nearly upon us an, even as a business owner, there has to be something you want for Christmas. Maybe a new car or season tickets to your favorite stadium, or possibly something as simple as getting through the holiday season without any problems in your restaurant.

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cockroach up close

There are many things folks find praiseworthy about their favorite restaurant. Some talk about a specific dish they enjoy while others focus on the friendly service. Most people will reference the ambiance, atmosphere, or decor inside, but never in the history of restaurants has anyone ever spoken…

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chef preparing meal

There are not many patrons that would return to a restaurant after they have experienced a food-related illness. Now, if they absolutely loved the restaurant and have been going there for many years, they may give it a second chance, but for the most part, people would be wary of returning.

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chef with her clean kitchen

Food Safety Is One Of The Most Important Tasks You Have As A Restaurant Owner. 

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one of our friendly commercial technicians

At Witt Pest Management, this is more than just a catchy phrase, and it isn't an excuse to get out of doing hard work. You see, we're not working smarter so WE don't have to work harder. We work smarter so YOU don't have to work harder.

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