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workplace in pittsburgh

Bugs and invasive animals aren't just a nuisance. When living creatures get into a work environment, they can cause a wide range of issues. Termites, carpenter ants, and other wood-destroying organisms eat away at wooden structures and lead to frustrating repair costs. Cockroaches spread illness…

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norway rat in pittsburgh business

Ever since Europeans started to span the globe nearly 600 years ago, Norway rats have thrived in metropolitan areas where humans live. Norway rats came to what is now the United States in droves during the heavy exploration periods. These rodents would stow away among ships while the ships were…

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restaurant owners looking at positive reviews

If you own a restaurant you should have in place a professional commercial pest control program for your business. Pests in any business can wreak havoc, but pest sightings inside of restaurants, even if it’s just a fly that entered through the door as people were exiting your restaurant, can…

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american cockroach in home

When cockroaches get into a business, it can be a nightmare. They chew their way into boxed products, taint cooking surfaces, contaminate food, invade break room areas, demoralize employees, drive customers away, and possibly lead to a failed government inspections. Today, we're going to focus on…

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fly found in soup

We all know that flies in soup, or anywhere else inside a business establishment, are no joke. Flies may be tiny creatures, but it is astonishing how much damage they can cause to a business.

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