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empty mouse trap

When the temperatures drop, mice often infest homes looking for a warm place with access to food to spend the cold winter months. While mice may seem small and harmless, they can actually bring parasites, germs, and bacteria inside with them.

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rat in home

Have you ever heard of the Pittsburgh Stealers? Now, before you pick up the phone to tell us that we've spelled the name wrong, take note that we are talking about a different kind of stealer. We're talking about the furry, scurrying, food-stealing, health-stealing kind of "stealer." We're talking…

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mouse found in pittsburgh home

Are you seeing and hearing signs that mice have moved into your house for the winter? Are you wondering why these pesky little, disease-carrying, creatures are entering your home? After all--aren't they supposed to live in the wild? Wouldn't they be happier outside with all their other furry…

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