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mouse found in kitchen

We all know that mice are one of the most common pests to invade our homes. For most of us, the thought of a mouse in our house sends shivers down our spines, and just the sight of one forces a scream of fear or disgust from our throats.  I am sure that more than one person has jumped atop a…

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mouse overwintering in a pittsburgh home

Mice may be cute to look at when they are snuggled safely inside their cage in your classroom or in the pet store or when they are scampering in the great wild outdoors, but they are far from cute when they decide to use your home for their winter abode.  Mice are actually dangerous…

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mice found in the wall of a pittsburgh home

Of all the species of mice and rats, there are only a handful that want to live in your house. And in winter, they are even more motivated. If you're hearing them knocking around in the walls, it might be time to get familiar with what threats they may pose to your family.

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mouse eating off the plate in a pittsburgh home

The most common rodent in many parts of the world is the house mouse. This light brown, or dusty gray mouse, with its cream colored belly, ranges from two and a half to three and a quarter inches long, and sports a thin tail that is as long as its body. Weighing in at 12 to 30 grams, most house mice…

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Mouse in Pittsburgh Home

Last month we talked about the uncommon places that mice could be hiding in your Pittsburgh home. And whether you found live mice, their droppings, or their nests in any of these locations or not, it is still important to know exactly why mice are a dangerous pest and what you can do as a homeowner…

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