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house fly

There are many times in life when there is a threat staring us right in the face, but we just don’t see it. Maybe it’s a pain in our chest that we write off as being just a case of indigestion, but nothing more. It could be something less severe like when your check engine light comes on…

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house fly up close

You wouldn't think that such a tiny pest would be a threat. In fact, most people don't. A surprising number of people have no problem eating a sandwich after a fly has been walking on it. But we're here to tell you, that just isn't very smart.

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pest technician treating pittsburgh home

It doesn't seem possible that winter is over and soon it will be time for all the wonders of spring. It’s time to open your windows and doors to let the fresh, sun-warmed springtime air drift through the house; time to find gardening tools to dig into the moist, cool earth; time to find…

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