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stink but up close

As the weather starts to get cooler, home-invading pests will begin to look for warmth, shelter, and food within your living space. The colder it gets the more you will start to see stink bugs crawling around here and there, being a nuisance everywhere they go. You might find them around windows and…

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unpacking christmas decorations

As the most wonderful time of year approaches, many of us will begin to dig out the Christmas decorations from the attic, basement, or backyard shed. Unfortunately, the same places we store the decorations are the same places known for harboring bugs. Are there pests hiding in the boxes full of the…

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stink bug crawling on window screen

Every year, as the Pittsburgh weather takes a turn towards colder temperatures, bugs go into hiding. They may hide in a tree, under a log, inside a stump, beneath a rock, in the cracks of a rocky mountain wall, and any number of other places. If you have bugs around your Pittsburgh home, like all of…

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lady bug on grass

One unseasonably warm February morning while sitting at your kitchen table having cup of coffee number 2 (the required number just to get through the morning) you catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye. You looked again and noticed a tiny red bug flying against the window right where the sun…

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Stink bug

I have seen these odd little shield-shaped brownish insects lurking around my home.  They seem so ugly that they are cute, and the copper and bluish ‘bumps’ on their heads are quite unique. They have lighter bands on their antennae and darker bans on the rear of their front wings…

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