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norway rat in cupboard

You may not know this but Norway rats make great pets. They are clean animals that are just about as faithful as a dog. Ask any pet store owner. But, what makes a Norway rat a great pet, actually makes it a horrible guests in your house.

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technician clearing spider webs

It's spring, that means pests in Pittsburgh will be coming back, protect your home today!

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norway rat next to building in pittsburgh

Have you ever wondered how Norway rats ended up in Pittsburgh? Do you imagine a little rat and his mate, sneaking onto a ship at a Norwegian shipyard that was bound for America? Well, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Norway rats actually originated in Asia, but they were…

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rat in pittsburgh

Mice and rats have been a problem in Pittsburgh since the beginning because these are commensal creatures. If you're not familiar with the term commensal, it basically means they like to live with us and eat our food. If you search the definition it also states that a commensal creature is a species…

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