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house mouse on a stone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Family and friends come home for the holidays, lights go up all over town, and the spirit of giving and generosity is everywhere. And thanks to those boxes of decorations you’ve been storing in the attic since last winter, you’ve generously…

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mouse in cabinet

Rodent infestation can cause significant health problems and property damage if left untreated. So let’s get familiar with these furry invaders and all the problems rodents bring to your Pittsburgh home.

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rodent on wooden shelf

When our grueling Pittsburgh winters are in full swing, you may not be the only one looking to get cozy and comfortable inside your home. Several bothersome pests may try to stay out of the cold by finding their way inside your walls, cabinets, garage, or any place they can find warmth.

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a german cockorach crawling on a kitchen counter

Pests are understandably dreaded and hated by most people; at best, insects and other pests are hideous, and at worst, they're destructive and full of germs. Insects and critters can wreck buildings or personal belongings, like fabrics and paper, and many can trigger illnesses in humans. Pittsburgh…

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a flea crawling through a pets fur

Flea infestations are common, and the vast majority of flea infestations will not result in any illness for your pets, or for anyone living in your home. This can make it seem like fleas should not be considered a threat. We hope you do not make this mistake. When fleas cause illness, they can cause…

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