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a black and yellow long winged wasp sprawled out on a vibrant green leaf in a pittsburgh pennsylvania back yard

Even while the active season for most insects is winding down, the most vigorous time of year for stinging insects is only just beginning.

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a mosquitie embedded into the bare arm skin of a Pittsburgh pennsylvania resident

During the summer we get used to the buzz of mosquitoes and the presence of itchy welts from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can feel like an impossible problem, especially when the moisture of summer keeps them active in Pittsburgh. It can feel like you are fighting mosquitoes every time you go outside…

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a black brown and white spider hanging from a web in a pittsburge pennsylvania home

Are you noticing a lot of creepy crawly spiders setting up shop in your Pittsburgh home this summer?  Find out why spider infestations can occur in the summer and factors that may increase their presence. Different climates, as well as environmental and situational factors,  can encourage…

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german cockroach up close

Cockroaches are gross. Whether you are dealing with one or two here and there when you flick on the lights at night or you have hundreds of them pouring out of a bag of cat food that has been sitting, open, a little too long in the pantry, it is horrible when these insects start to appear. But, as…

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carpenter ant up close

Spring is a wonderful time of year, but also the time of year when we are plagued by wood-damaging pests. In the spring carpenter ants and termites become very active in Pittsburgh, and when they are active they can cause a lot of damage to both personal items made of wood and to the wooden…

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