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german cockroach up close

Cockroaches are gross. Whether you are dealing with one or two here and there when you flick on the lights at night or you have hundreds of them pouring out of a bag of cat food that has been sitting, open, a little too long in the pantry, it is horrible when these insects start to appear. But, as…

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carpenter ant up close

Spring is a wonderful time of year, but also the time of year when we are plagued by wood-damaging pests. In the spring carpenter ants and termites become very active in Pittsburgh, and when they are active they can cause a lot of damage to both personal items made of wood and to the wooden…

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mouse in kitchen

Pittsburgh is full of pests, some worse than others. Some of the worst pests are the ones you don’t notice until it’s too late, like termites. Spotting a termite often means that many more are right behind it, chewing through your house. Due to their silence and small size, they can…

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friendly pest control technician in pittsburgh

Sometimes in life you act in hope, like when you find those mouse droppings and just clean them up hoping that's the end of the matter. After all, how much trouble can one little mouse cause in your home? Plus, the mice will probably move out once the weather warms up again, right? Well, really you…

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empty mouse trap

When the temperatures drop, mice often infest homes looking for a warm place with access to food to spend the cold winter months. While mice may seem small and harmless, they can actually bring parasites, germs, and bacteria inside with them.

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