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a flea crawling through a pets fur

Flea infestations are common, and the vast majority of flea infestations will not result in any illness for your pets, or for anyone living in your home. This can make it seem like fleas should not be considered a threat. We hope you do not make this mistake. When fleas cause illness, they can cause…

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a house centipede crawling around a drain

House centipedes are unsettling, especially when they grow to be as big as 2 inches long. It is also unsettling that you can find them in some very unexpected places, such as your kitchen sink. There is something not quite right about lifting a pan out of your sink and finding a big, tan bug with…

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house spiders in a web

Let's talk a moment about your car, truck, jeep, or van. Yes, this is an article about spiders, but the vehicle you drive can give you some valuable insight into winter spider activity. They don't have to hide when temperatures begin to drop because, like your vehicle, they have antifreeze. But…

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an indian meal moth in a food pantry

Most of the Pittsburgh pests that get into your home come in from the outside by way of entry points in your exterior walls, or through an open door or window. While pantry moths can do this, this is the exception, not the rule. It is far more likely that these moths will hitchhike into your home…

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cockroach infestation in a home

Responsible property owners know that pests are a nuisance, but how dangerous can an infestation be? Pests like cockroaches pose greater risks than other insects, so knowing how to spot the signs early will help you stay protected from the worst effects of a cockroach invasion.

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