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a mouse in a house

The reason why it is so important to take pest control seriously is that pest infestations can be incredibly hard to get rid of, not to mention the fact that they bring health risks and property damage along with them. With pests like rodents, a small problem can quickly grow into a hazard, so it…

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a deer tick on a leaf

Ticks are one of the most dangerous pests in the world. They feed on humans and our pets, they transmit a variety of diseases, and they can latch onto us without us ever knowing. Because of this, you should do everything in your power to limit the tick populations around your Pittsburgh property…

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image coming soon

Many kids grow up hearing about bed bugs, but in a mystical, removed way. You might not realize how easy it is to come in contact with these pests. When they get into homes, they cause real problems. Bed bugs are much more than a monster under the bed. How much do you know about them? Are you…

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carpenter bees in a chewed whole

There are many different kinds of stinging insects in the Pittsburgh area. Honey bees, bumble bees, wasps, hornets, the list goes on. Carpenter bees can be especially problematic. Not only do they have the ability to sting you, but they can also cause severe property damage. Keep reading to learn…

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a mosquito biting human skin

Do you want to attract mosquitoes to your Pittsburgh property? Our guess is probably not? Do you want to prevent them from coming near your home? To prevent mosquitoes, you first need to learn what attracts them, so you can work on reducing these attracting factors.

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