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an american cockroach crawling along a pittsburgh kitchen countertop

Here in Pittsburgh, cockroaches can pose dangers to your home during the summer months. There are several factors that increase the presence of cockroaches during these warmer months. While homeowners can try DIY treatments, they are often ineffective and can make the problem worse. Calling for…

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a wasp on its nest on a pittsburge property one sunny summer day

There’s something magical about a garden in full bloom. Yellow sunflowers, pink snapdragons, purple columbines - there are so many colors and shapes that spring up throughout the summer across Pittsburg and its surroundings. However, no matter how much you love flowers, you probably…

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a house fly buzzing toward a resident in a pittsburgh kitchen

Who hasn’t used a fly swatter or kept a magazine handy to swat at a pesky fly? But the black flies that fly around your yard and sneak into your kitchen are more than a nuisance; they can be a health hazard.

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a small bed bug crawling along the white cotto sheets in a greenville home in the dark of the night

Bed bugs can be active at any time of the year, but Pittsburgh residents become more aware of them during the summer because the heat and humidity make bed bugs more active. 

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a golden tinted tick embedding itself in the fur of a faily pet dog on a sunny summer day in a Pennsylvania yard

As the spring warmth returns, so too does the concern of ticks invading your backyard. Whether you’re ready or not, these creepy crawlers are waking from their winter dormancy looking to hitch a ride on any warm-bodied creature that wanders their way. 

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