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full grown bed bug infesting the cotton linens of a pennsylvania home

Bed bugs may become a huge nuisance in Pittsburgh this summer. Learning prevention steps now can help prevent your home from becoming infested. But should you find yourself with a bed bug problem, there is no need to panic, Witt Pest Management can help you eliminate bed bugs in your Pittsburgh area…

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carpet beetle on a white carpet

If you are noticing odd tears or holes in your upholstery or carpet, you may have a problem with carpet beetles. While carpet beetles aren’t a pest that we commonly recognize or worry about, they can get into our homes and cause a lot of damage.

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rodent hiding in pittsburgh home

Rodents are a threat to Pittsburgh homes throughout the year, but in the fall as the colder weather approaches, they become much more of a nuisance./home-pest-control

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spider on a web in a pittsburgh, pa home

It is not uncommon to hear that fall weather means fall pests. But, usually, the pests we hear about are mice, ticks, and occasional invaders such as ladybugs. How about spiders?

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house fly

Here's the setup. You have made yourself a beautiful sandwich with a few chips on the side and even a pickle but, before you sit down to enjoy it, you go back into the kitchen to get something to drink. When you return, drink in hand, you stop short. There, crawling around on your lunch, are several…

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