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cockroach up close

There are many things folks find praiseworthy about their favorite restaurant. Some talk about a specific dish they enjoy while others focus on the friendly service. Most people will reference the ambiance, atmosphere, or decor inside, but never in the history of restaurants has anyone ever spoken…

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cockroach on plate

Of all the species of cockroach in the world, only four (and occasionally a fifth) live and breed in Pennsylvania. They are the American cockroach, brown banded cockroach, Oriental cockroach, German cockroach, and (occasionally) the Pennsylvania wood cockroach. All cockroach species are capable of…

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one of our friendly commercial technicians

At Witt Pest Management, this is more than just a catchy phrase, and it isn't an excuse to get out of doing hard work. You see, we're not working smarter so WE don't have to work harder. We work smarter so YOU don't have to work harder.

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