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mouse found in living room

What could possibly be worse than opening the silverware drawer, reaching for a spoon, and finding those tiny tell-tale pellets that let you know that you are no longer alone in your home? The threat of rodent infestation is not a matter to take lightly. As in any city, our hometown seems to have…

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mice nesting

When the temperature drops, mice that are on your property or near your house will likely seek to find entry point into your nice warm home, and they will go to great lengths to do so.

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mice found in pittsburgh home

Mice are cute. Some might even say adorable. They have those big funny ears, little whiskered noses, and wide glossy eyes that seem to say, "Excuse me, but would you mind terribly if I bothered you for a piece of cheese?" So, why all the hate? - Mice are no big deal, right?

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mouse searching for food

This can be a startling discovery. You move a trash can and a mouse or two scurry away along your foundation wall. You open a box, move a toy or shift something that is sitting next to your exterior walls, and you see mice. There are hundreds of ways you might come across mice outside your home. You…

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Image of a Mouse

Is this a question you've been asking lately? It is a good question. You'd think that with everything coming back to life, that mouse would want to be back out in nature where he belongs. But mice are commensal creatures. Unlike a parasite which lives in its host and does harm, commensal creatures…

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