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technician installing rodent bait station

Thanksgiving time is a wonderful time of year where family and friends come together to celebrate all that we are thankful for. Some people are thankful for health and happiness in their lives. Others are thankful that they were able to get a new job. Some are happy that they finally found that…

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mouse in pittsburgh home

Do you have mice? Can you hear them scratching and chewing things inside your walls at night? Do you have holes in your cereal boxes? Are you finding droppings scattered inside your silverware drawers, your cabinets, and along your baseboards? If you answered no to all of these questions, this does…

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rat in pittsburgh

Mice and rats have been a problem in Pittsburgh since the beginning because these are commensal creatures. If you're not familiar with the term commensal, it basically means they like to live with us and eat our food. If you search the definition it also states that a commensal creature is a species…

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mouse with big eyes against white background

Mice are cute, right? If you don't think so, just do an internet search for "cute mice" and see what pops up - Tiny little fur ball critters with brown and white fur, tiny pink noses and lips, little bitty buck teeth, and tiny little hands that look almost human-like. Not to mention those ears…

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