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a mosquitie embedded into the bare arm skin of a Pittsburgh pennsylvania resident

During the summer we get used to the buzz of mosquitoes and the presence of itchy welts from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes can feel like an impossible problem, especially when the moisture of summer keeps them active in Pittsburgh. It can feel like you are fighting mosquitoes every time you go outside…

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mosquito biting pittsburgh resident

Spring is the best time of year (in our opinion). The flowers are blooming. The birds are singing. Winter is behind us. And summer fun is just around the corner. But you don't have to wait for summer to have fun. There are lots of things to do in your yard during the spring; things you can share…

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mosquito bite

Small in size but big in danger, mosquitoes may very well be the most dangerous of all pests. They've been responsible for the spreading of disease and illness to millions of people for centuries; diseases that include: yellow fever, dengue fever, and malaria. They can spread heartworm and other…

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