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mosquito on skin

September is still bringing some high temperatures and sunny days for us to enjoy, and with summer coming to an end, we want to enjoy the warmth as long as we can. However, these high temperatures also mean the mosquitoes are still plentiful and as fierce as ever. They’ve had plenty of time…

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witt technician treating home

If pests could bundle up the way humans can, they wouldn't need to invade our homes when the weather turns cold. But, when's the last time you encountered a fly buzzing around wearing a little hat and matching gloves? How about a fuzzy mouse with a muffler and warm boots? Or a spider in bright red…

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Hydrocortisone cream for bug bite treatment

No one likes those itchy or painful red marks left after a bug bites you. But during the summer it is nearly impossible to avoid them. There are many different types of bugs that bite during these warm months. There are mosquitoes, horse flies, fleas, biting ants, and many more. Though these bites…

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image of mosquito

Chikungunya is one of many viruses that are carried and spread by mosquitoes in Pennsylvania. It is most commonly spread by the biting Asian tiger mosquito which generally bites during the daytime. This newcomer to the repertoire of diseases that these flying germ factories can cause prompted our…

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mosquito biting skin

Mosquitoes may be annoying, but they are actually far worse than they seem. Yes, it’s no fun to be chased indoors at a BBQ by the obnoxious buzz of mosquitoes, but staying away from these pests is a good idea, especially considering how serious a threat they could pose to your health…

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