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a mosquito biting human skin

Do you want to attract mosquitoes to your Pittsburgh property? Our guess is probably not? Do you want to prevent them from coming near your home? To prevent mosquitoes, you first need to learn what attracts them, so you can work on reducing these attracting factors.

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mosquito on skin

Today, we're discussing a question that many of our customers have: Can mosquitoes spread the coronavirus? We'll also give you some tips to help you protect yourself, your family, and your pets from mosquito-borne pathogens.

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a red mosquitoe biting the bare arm skin of a pittsburge resident

If you are trying to tell if professional mosquito treatment is right for you, the first question you may ask yourself is if you plan to be outside this summer. For anyone who enjoys time out in their yard relaxing, gardening, picnicking, playing with the kids, or entertaining, you’ll likely…

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a cluster of mosquitoes swarming a pittsburge yard on a summer evening

Summer is the time for beautiful weather and plenty of fun activities for everyone in the family. We plan for months for summer camps, water parks, beach days, picnics, and more. Unfortunately, we all know that summer also brings with it an influx of summer insects. Some of those dreaded summer…

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You probably spent the winter looking forward to the weather getting nice enough to spend days and evenings enjoying your backyard. Now that time has almost arrived, but you’re about to spend more of your time swatting mosquitoes than relaxing. Don’t let mosquitoes in Pittsburgh ruin…

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