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mouse hiding in a pittsburgh home

Fall in Pittsburgh means headaches for homeowners. It happens every year. The temperature cools, and pests start trying to get into houses--especially rodents and spiders. This can create some sleepless nights for homeowners.

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mouse outside the home of a pittsburgh resident

The cold weather is on its way again and even though the mosquitoes are gone for the season there is still another pest who is more than willing to take up where they left off.

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Mouse in Pittsburgh Home

Last month we talked about the uncommon places that mice could be hiding in your Pittsburgh home. And whether you found live mice, their droppings, or their nests in any of these locations or not, it is still important to know exactly why mice are a dangerous pest and what you can do as a homeowner…

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Mice Nesting In Pittsburgh Home

With the cold winter air continuing to blow across Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, it is important to be aware of potential winter pests like mice for example. Just as we don’t want to spend time out in the cold, neither do these tiny rodents. And they make a pretty good attempt at finding any…

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