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norway rat in pittsburgh business

Ever since Europeans started to span the globe nearly 600 years ago, Norway rats have thrived in metropolitan areas where humans live. Norway rats came to what is now the United States in droves during the heavy exploration periods. These rodents would stow away among ships while the ships were…

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norway rat in pittsburgh home

If you've never heard of a Norway rat, you may be tempted to think the best way to avoid Norway rats is to never go to Norway. Sadly, it isn't quite that simple. Rattus norvegicus, which is known by many names, including the Norwegian rat, is not limited to living only in Norway. Nor did it…

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norway rat next to building in pittsburgh

Have you ever wondered how Norway rats ended up in Pittsburgh? Do you imagine a little rat and his mate, sneaking onto a ship at a Norwegian shipyard that was bound for America? Well, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Norway rats actually originated in Asia, but they were…

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